Aquatic "We" Care provides comprehensive Aquatic and Land based Physical Therapy

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Aquatic Therapy

The 90 degree, mineralized, oxygenated therapy pool allows early intervention which makes rehab faster, more effective and more comfortable. The water environment provides support and warmth while at the same time creating resistance to bodily movement in all directions.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Get back to the level of work, play and function you enjoyed before first experiencing pain and injury. Get stronger, heal faster and get back to life (and through rehabilitation) more quickly with our physical therapy team at your side. The journey toward recovery can begin before surgery is even scheduled.

Neurologic Rehabilitation

A neurologic physical therapist is a physical therapist who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of individuals with movement problems due to disease or injury of the nervous system. Physical therapists can help improve or restore the mobility you need to move forward with your life.

Is Aquatic Therapy Right For You?

Aquatic therapy is a gentle, safe and effective way to treat a variety of conditions, such as:

Low back pain | Arthritis | Repetitive strain and work-related injuries | Neurological and orthopedic injuries | Post-surgical pain and stiffness | Muscle weakness

About Us

Two convenient locations in Houston and Humble.

Aquatic Care - Houston

8405 Wynbrook St.
Houston, TX 77061
Appointments: (713) 454-6000

Aquatic Care - Humble

1910 First Street E.
Humble, TX 77338
Appointments: (713) 454-6000

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What our patients are saying

Having had multiple back issues, my doctor prescribed water therapy. I had heard good things about Aquatic Care Programs Houston, so I made an appointment. From the receptionist to the therapists I had the best care and attention. Gradually following their expert advice, I began to feel better and stronger. Not only were they helpful, but it was the most fun therapy I’d ever had. They are caring and enjoy making it fun at the same time. I was never bored. I would and have recommended them to anyone who needs therapy. I’d like to go back just for fun, but sadly, my insurance doesn’t cover FUN!!!

– Karen R.

What our patients are saying

I would recommend this place to anyone. The entire staff is friendly and respectful. You’re guaranteed to get good laughs and overall enjoy your therapy every time you visit. They have really help me with getting back to being myself again.. I would recommend the Houston location to anyone that needs therapy.

– Gary H.

What our patients are saying

Love this place! The staff was very sweet and caring. The staff took care of my son like a champ. He was so excited to attend his appointments. He was very determined and thought it was so cool to get into that pool! Lisa was so patient and amazing. I would highly recommend Aquatic Care Programs if needed to my family and friends.

– Anita L.

Our patients rate us 4.78 out of 5 stars.